There is a part of all of us that enjoys celebrating our birthday or other special day. Some of us like to celebrate in a big way and others more quietly. Then there are years like 2020 where our celebrations need to be revised. That's where Happy Thought Books comes in. 

No matter whether we are young or old, the act of sharing handwritten memories, stories and words of encouragement can inspire joy in the lives of the people we love. Stories of memories shared evokes laughter, smiles and tears; while our hearts are filled with a sense of belonging and care that each of us longs for. Written words and pictures can connect us to people on a level that can be memorialized for the rest of a person’s life.

Whether you prefer to celebrate in a big way or more quietly, celebrating life’s milestones with a thoughtful, personalized collection of memories written by those who have touched our lives is meaningful. Miles can make it difficult for us to share our love with those we care about. Often times, the best gift is a reminder of the celebration of their life's milestones in a way that continues to bring happiness and joy for the rest of a person’s life. One that allows you to create your own gift and tell that special someone in your life how much they mean to the world!  

Celebrate in a big way and more quietly with Happy Thought Books. 

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