Make it Easy on Yourself

Sometimes as women we get wrapped up in the emotion of an event: a wedding, the birth of a child or a graduation. I'm totally guility of this. For months leading up to our daughter's high school graduation I felt at once excited, proud and also cried like a baby for all sorts of reasons. 

But in those emotions, we also look for a gift that will show that special person what exactly they mean to so many around them. I created a gift that is simple to order, super meaningful to the recipient and one that you as the gift giver has to do very little to make happen. 

Once you receive your custom book in the mail, the blank pages remove neatly for you to give to family, friends, neighbors and all those who hold a special place in the recipients life. Ask them to share a note of love, encouragement, a word of advice, a funny story, an inside joke or even a favorite recipe. When you receive the completed pages, add them back into the book in any order you'd like.

What you'll see will inspire complete joy. Pages of love that come together for a truly unique gift, that will continue to give joy for years to come. One of the best parts is, it's easy on the gift giver. Focus on the event, the moment and not the stress of the the gift. 

Happy Thought Books helps us to connect with those who matter the most by encouraging and celebrating the milestones in peoples lives. 

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