The First of the Lasts are happening....

The first of the lasts are happening for High School Senior moms... The last football game, marching band competition, debate, school play and we're not quite half way through their senior year! The senior pictures have been taken and seniors are making decisions on what their next step in life is.

Graduation is coming sooner that we think and it will happen. It may not happen as we have always thought it will happen. The entire senior year is modified. It's difficult for moms to watch their children struggle but even if they struggle in quiet, the struggle is happening. The longing for a "normal" year is real.

Our high school senior experienced the loss of the Spring semester of her high school year. The scheduling and re-scheduling of graudation. The uncertainty of what starting college may look like, or IF it would even happen. Living through quarentine leading up to her first finals week.

It's so important to let them know what a huge impact they ahve already had on everyone around them. To share words of encouragement and love. To reassure them that even in this uncertain time, they are not alone and they have an entire tribe of family and friends to surround them with love and support.

Happy Thought Books is a personalized book that holds all of these words of encouragement, love, advice, notes, inside jokes and stories to give as the perfect gift for these seniors.

Order yours today at today. Use the Holidays to reach out to all their family and friends to share a little something in writing. Your senior will be so glad you did. (We even got a few tears and a "Thank you mom, I love it").

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