2020 is a big year for our family. Our oldest child graduated from high school. I began looking around for a truly special gift that would be meaningful. Other moms were having the same issue. A custom gift that can be added to throughout life’s events. Just like that - Happy Thought Books came to be. A personalized memory book that becomes a cherished living time capsule.


Talking to other moms, we reminisced about gifts we were given at High School Graduation, Weddings and the birth of our babies. The pieces we all hung on to were those that were a small token, keepsake or words of wisdom from those that meant the most us. A place was needed to enclose cards that have a special meaning, keepsakes, gift card holders, places for recipe cards and plenty of open pages to hold words of encouragement, family stories and photos.


Spending time with other women, hearing their stories people shared when they went to college or got engaged or had children is heartwarming. The idea to create a living time capsule that is just the right size to carry with our daughter to college was the answer.


The Happy Thought Book is a celebration of our daughter and her life’s journey, wherever that takes her.